So you mean to tell me that freshman girls in college get “the talk” on ways to be safe and avoid rape but won’t gather guys to tell them ” to not fucking rape”???

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Anybody else feeling emotionally drained?




Lol like damn bruh…

All week


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Almost a thousand people in West Africa die from ebola and nobody bats an eyelash, yet 2 white people in the US contract it and miraculously a cure is released and given to them because they’re an “extreme circumstance.” Satire is dead and real life is a dystopian hellscape

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  • #yup #happy the 2 doctors are getting better but lets keep it all the way 100 #i've said to myself before that nobody would care about ebola until their own got it and look what happened #even a top doctor said that their is no vaccine yet is b/c these companies say ebola is only an African disease #and kills only africans smh
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When I voted for Obama I didn’t know I was also voting to fund a genocide

barack Obama is the lesser of two evils though. Imagine if you voted republican *gags*

It’s pretty much known that shit like this would be going down regardless of who was in office. It’s a system at work that REQUIRES the president to make the hard calls. If they don’t, that’s literally their ass.

It’s a corrupt government, with powers at work that we really don’t know shit about.

^^^ thank you, person above, for giving a response that accurately places the blame where it belongs. and NOT foolishly saying that it belongs solely on one man’s shoulders.

people are so wildly hyperbolic in order to feign waning and waxing philosophical, it makes me sick.

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Everybody makes fun of Drake. But if a man that’s sensitive and thoughtful in reality I’ll take him! Hyper-masculinity is not for me.

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And still, everyone blames Aysia for telling the truth, but not Jonica?! Are you serious? Jonica blatantly lied to her girlfriend multiple times, and it caught up to her, yet Aysia is the one that’s apparently at fault because she’s “messy” and is supposed to know her role as the “side bitch.”

If anything, this shows that lesbian relationships can be just as misogynistic as a straight relationship. Sooo stupid!

And thank god, just as I was about to post this, Alex showed that she’s the only one with any brains and sees how stupid this is.

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I don’t know anything about sports, but I just wanna know…




Why y’all hate Lebron so much?

people hate Lebron because he doesn’t play for their team


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  • theblackoaksyndicateAbout The Asian Rapper discussion (1/2). I'm going to say this, as a Black Person, I sincerely believe that most non-Black Hip-Hop artists are appropriating to at least some degree. Hip-Hop and Rap were explicitly created as a platform to express the Black Condition in America. And not only that, but most hip-hop that has been absorbed on a Global Scale has been commercialized and watered down to capitalize on "Black Cool" while not having to address the reality of the Black Existence.
  • thisisnotjapan

    And now that Hip-Hop has become as Global Genre, everyone’s saying things like “it’s global phenomenon, a genre without boundaries”, ok, but who determined this? So now we have a wide array of non-black people appropriating AAVE and Black Culture to cash in, but openly disrespect Black Americans in the process (Iggy Azalea, most of K-Pop). And on top of that, most of the time when these appropriators are called out, they act as if they’re the one’s who’ve been wronged.

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    The main reason why I call it appropriating is because the entire model for what others use as hip hop is based off of AAVE and other Black American cultural aesthetics.

    If many of these international artists were rapping in their natural voices as opposed to mimicking Aave, or if it was more common to see distinct cultural differences in hop hop based on the individual cultural identities of these international artists (besides language), I’d be more inclined to agree with the idea that it isn’t appropriation. Unfortunately I just haven’t seen much evidence that can make that argument. It is if course completely possible that I’m missing other elements of course.

    Hop hop is an incredibly huge genre that has a TON of different subgenres, but you never see much of an international presence approaching these subgenres, it’s pretty much just attempts at gangsta rap and nothing else. I think if the international interest in hip hop was more legitimate, you’d see more of an individual take on it, and much more honesty in regards to where it came from and why the genre was born.

    I think it could be a difference in what we listen to in terms of international hip hop artists! I’m thinking specifically Korean hip hop b/c that’s what I listen to most, but the people I listen to (in my view anyway) don’t try to mimic AAVE or gangsta rap, but have really nestled in the trip hop genre that has Nujabes as a forerunner. So in a sense, that’s the “asian-style rap/ hip hop” that has come out (though there are also many subgenres and appropriators too). I think that’s where my perspective was coming from & listening to people like Dumbfoundead and Kero One (well known asian-american rappers), who are also pretty conscious about using hip hop to speak about asian identity.

    I really appreciate this conversation though, gives me a lot to think about

    ^^ I agree with dumbfounded and kero one and some other non black rappers. The problem is there aren’t many like them(or that we know of). A huge chunk of non black rappers are appropriators of black culture and I think that’s the point of the discussion. So many are just copying black people, while black people are disrespected for being black. Very few are using their own identity and culture mixed with hip hop style to tell their stories. That’s what the problem is. It’s highly annoying to me personally because black Americans can never have anything to ourselves. Never.

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  • #yup #and i see my BEG ladies getting called too slutty lately cuz they choose to be sexual and embrace sexuality #like stfu #y'all don't care when your precious oppas hump the floor #rip off their shirts or are cute #this fandom is so fucking annoying i swear #this is why i don't interact with a lot of kpop fans cuz of this constant bull
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- you must not be hungry then

African American Proverb said when you don’t want whats been cooked (via blackproverbs)
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This was the day that Christina became Legendtina.

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