Good lawd “That Guy” (a webseries by Black&Sexy TV on Youtube) is hella good. 

Episode 8 of Season 2 was a hot ass mess and their best episode so far.

Check it out, along with their other series, if u haven’t. 

I go to YouTube to watch a documentary on Nelson Mandela and one of the most popular comments I see is some fool calling him a terrorist.

I swear the new YouTube comment section is more horrible than the old version. smh. 

Youtube needs to on somewhere with this horrible new comment section and stop asking me if I wanna use my real name. 

Oh and u also have to have a google+ account to comment on videos now….BYE. 

Youtube stays taking down videos.

I was re-watching the season 2 of Girlfriends but now I can’t cuz yt deleted the person’s channel.

Youtube I have questions. What’s the point on tape mode? Who approved this? Just why? 

But it  does bring back those VHS memories from the early 2000’s and sooner. 

I’m really convinced it’s YT that’s acting up and not my connection.

These vids are taking to long to load. 

Youtube is being stupid. smh. 


PSY makes history with the lone MV that has 1 BILLION Views!

I’m tired of this song tho.

I’ve had this new youtube layout for about 3 wks now. I see a lot of people are just now getting it.

At first I was like “what is this shit?” but all u have to do is get used to it. Now I don’t even notice it. I admit though, these constant changes are annoying!