So is this Tumblr Pro shit an April Fool’s Joke or nah?

Tumblr won’t let me respond to my fan mail -__-

Wtf is this shit tumblr?

I don’t wan this new tag/search. NOPE!

Tumblr these unnecessary changes……………

One time for tumblr for FINALLY allowing us to reblog asks. 

So tumblr got the ignore button to work again. Keep it that way tumblr!
The ignore button is broken…..again. Really Tumblr? Like really? Y’all just fixed it. Get it together!

Tumblr finally got the ignore button fixed! 

About time. Sheesh. 

So Tumblr when are y’all gonna fix the ignore button?!!

Thank goodness for tumblr. Due to this site I’ve mentally grown a lot over the past yr and a half. 

Tumblr can be a very informative/educational site based on who you follow :)