• NEGA Network:Brown Eyed Girls will release a comeback album early 2011. Miryo and Jea will release solos the second half 2011.
  • BEG comeback:Second half of 2011.
  • Miryo's Solo :Febuary 2012
  • Jea's Solo:Scheduled for late 2012.
  • Jea's Solo:Pushed forward to November.
  • Jea's Solo:Pushed forward to December.
  • Jea's Solo:Pushed forward indefinitely
  • BEG's Comeback:We'll see you in another two and a half years.
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People on allkpop are basic as hell.

The top comment makes me laugh. Talkin bout she looks ungrateful and needs to appreciate her opportunity more. Trick shut the hell up. They don’t even know what’s going on and they’re already jumping to conclusions.

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  • #i can't stand this site nor the people on it #they get on my nerves #nothin but a bunch of young teens who think they know everything
  • 2 years ago