Who’s suprised tho? She was beasting all season. Congrats girl :)

B/t Jacquie and Tessanne. I think Tess has this tho, 

The Voice is really dragging this shit out. 

I’m tired of all these group performances.


Christina know she can talk lol

Christina girl yas u betta slay my soul with these vocals!

And this outfit and hair »»

Christina’s vocals on the “We Remain” record with Jacquie »»»»»>

Better than the original. Now the duet itself is meh. Jacquie’s voice doesn’t go well with this song nor does her and Christina voices mesh well on this track. But that’s just my opinion. 

Hopefully the live performance will be better. 

Yes Jacquie yes!

Loved her cover. She’s so adorable.

Well if u think about the winner of every season of The Voice has gone absolutely nowhere. Universal Republic Records doesn’t do a thang. So it’s not so bad. 

Hopefully Matt gets picked up by a good label soon. Wishing nothing but the best to him. He was my fav :)

And Matthew is gone -__-