Yes Jacquie yes!

Loved her cover. She’s so adorable.

If Matthew is in the bottom 2 he better be saved. 

Matthew sweetheart I love u, but two words: SONG CHOICE!!!


I was tweeting and retweeting for the instant save. He never needs to be in the bottom 3 again!

Yasss!! No one from TeamXtina got elminated.

Thank you for saving Jacquie. America u did good, for once. 

Bahaha. Basically
Juliet Simms: I was runner up on The Voice's second season. Even though I didn't win, I still got signed to Universal Republic records.
Jermaine Paul: I won The Voice season 2 and got a recording contract with Universal Republic <i>and</i> a $100,000 prize.
Chris Mann: I came in fourth place on The Voice season 2, sang with Christina Aguilera, and just got a very exclusive record deal with Universal Republic.
Tony Lucca: <strike>*forever alone* </strike> Buy Bionic!~


What the fuck are you hating on Christina for, it was what it was. don’t fucking hate on her just because she fucking speaks her mind if you don’t like what she says then keep it to your damn self, because she is more than your broke ass will ever be. so just shut the fuck about it. DAMNN all this hating was unnecessary 

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