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No, no, no!!
+Black Kpop Fans: In response tp Kpop stars saying Nigga-blkshineegirl


I hate that word and don’t even like when black folk say it. BUT…if I had to make an exception, it would be Zico. See, Zico is as good as a brotha in my eyes so I mean… even if he’s not physically black or anything, he totally has street cred in my opinion. Now, that’s not to say that it’s okay…

I respectfully disagree with you. I don’t think ANYONE should use it, no exceptions. Black, White, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Mexican, etc. To me the word is disrespectful and using it doesn’t make you seem cool or a badass, it just makes you look ignorant. I like Zico also and think he’s a good guy but Kpop and non Kpop starts shouldn’t use it, but I know a lot of them don’t know the history behind it and just say it b/c their fav American rappers say it.

Here’s a poem that’s powerful and thought provoking that I found on youtube:

Julian Curry: Niggers, Niggas, and Niggaz


+Black Kpop Fans: I have gotten used to asian people (with light skin) getting annoyed...



I have gotten used to asian people (with light skin) getting annoyed about the sun and getting dark. Since I’ve had many asian friends who were like that I know that they don’t mean in anyway “ugh elyssa i don’t want to be dark like you” its just that being dark is seen as poor. You are dark…

Hmm I get what you mean, but the fact that they even feel that dark=poor is messed up. Its and example of shadeism and I don’t get down with shadeism.

I think if I wanted to got to bat for him and say “he ment that it may be a disadvantage to others because he may not get as many fans and endorsements” I could but ultimately I don’t like the fact that they have negative perspectives about what they percive to be “dark” skin (which is usually just a tan).

There are many different types of skin tones that exist in every ethicity and for him to say that is just ignorant.

So I feel you but still


“Well, at least it’s warm…”
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+Black Kpop Fans: So sad..


So I went to my friends college campus the other day and waited in the library for them to finish a class I sat in the library next to a group of Koreans mostly male. I started watching some Korean shows and kpop vids on my iPad to pass time by. I could hear the group of Koreans snickering and…

smh. Ignorant and just sad. Sry this happened to you.

How ironic they said “Hate blacks trying to learn our culture” when the majority of Kpop entertainers are influenced by African American culture. And another thing they need to realize is that there is nothing wrong about learning another culture, if everybody in the world did this then it would be a better place.

Ailee - Stand up for love



her voice is absolutely beautiful!! 

All this slayage!

YASSS!! She’s amazing!

Ailee - Stand up for love


her voice is absolutely beautiful!! 



JO BETTA WERK IN THOSE HEELS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BQ__5HMxuU&feature=player_embedded



I don’t understand why some people hate him.
He said Korea was gay when he was a cocky teenager living alone in a foreign country where he couldn’t speak the language or eat the food. It was how he expressed his frustration as an American.
He apologized for this.
He also praised Nickhun’s rap. He followed Jo Kwon’s twitter. When asked if a collaboration with 2PM was ever possible, he said he’s “down for it if they are.”
I honestly can’t  see him as this repulsive person that was the cause of 2PM’s downfall and antis. While not exactly a saint, Jay Park has worked hard to be where he is now and you can’t deny the guy’s got talent. After all, he sings, raps, dances, and makes his own songs, doesn’t he?