SPICA- Since You’re Out Of My Life

YASSSS!!!!!!! Seriously these women be sangin. lol.

I love them. They’re up there with BEG, Davichi, CSJH (all whom I LOVE and stan for).

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SPICA - Doggedly + 화(火) + Russian Roulette (문화공감)

I friggin love this whole set.They’re soooooooooooooooooooo good!


SPICA you def deserve to be up there with BEG,CSJH, DAVICHI, BIG MAMA. They are so good and I love them :)

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SPICA you girls are awesome!

You are now on my list of fav Kpop female groups, and that says a lot b/c I don’t like the majority of female girl groups.

My list consists of CSJH, BEG, and 2NE1. Welcome to the club ladies :)

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OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I LOVE THIS SONG!!! SPICA is amazing. Their mini album was pretty good, and now this song will be on it too?? AMAZING ADFLADSLKFASDFLKAHDFKLADFAKLDHFKLADFHLKADFD, I LOVE IT!!!

SPICA is awesome!

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