Let this SM & Jessica situation be proof to y’all delusional Kpop fans that there’s no such thing as  SM/YG/ETC Family. At the end of the day these companies view their idols as nothing but money making machines.THAT’S IT!

SM has shown their ass time and time again. Flashback to H.O.T (late 90s early 00’s), Shinhwa, etc. Yet y’all still wanna stan for that company. Bye! SM ain’t shit and never will be. 

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SNSD’s new album got a 2.7/5 rating on Melon.

Dayum, dayum, dayum

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SM Ent. y’all have done it……you’ve managed to produce a song that’s worse than “The Boys”.

The song is a mess!! I can’t tolerate this travesty right here.

First of all why are there 5 diff sounds in one song?! There were good parts (like the beginning minus the rapping and the sped up part where they “I got a boy….”) but there’s way too much going on. Secondly you got the girls in this “urban/street/hip hop wear” (yes it’s in quotes cuz I don’t know what type of street/hip hop wear this is. I don’t even see my peers or rappers dressing like this so idk where SM got their inspiration from) and it’s a fail cuz a lot of the girls can’t pull it off (idk blame them tho cuz the “styling” is horrible). My gurl Hyo looked good tho, even tho she barely got any screen time…..and so did Yuri. And lastly why do y’all insist on rapping?! SM u and rapping is a major fail! So cut it out.

Maybe it will grow on me, but as a right now….no!

Twitter: SNSD’s rapping is as good as TOP’s dancing” SHADE!! lmao. 

Bless SNSD. *sighs*

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SNSD TTS TaeTiSeo - Baby steps (Hangul & Romanized & Eng sub)

Ughh my emotions.

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