+2012 MAMA Awards Review


Pretty boring, worst than last year. But YG Family killed it. As usual. Watch HD performance on Mnet’s channel. If anyone has the link to full performance of Ailee or Wang Lee Hom, send it to me

Just read your post and I’m glad I didn’t watch it. Mama’s hasn’t been good to me since ‘08 (even though I didn’t get into Kpop till ‘09 I saw the award show from ‘08). YG killed it….like always. Gain looked hot but her performance could’ve been better though. I really don’t like MAMA’s voting system. If u ain’t there u don’t get the award, even if u won. And like u said it’s rigged. Seriously though why don’t some Korean music award shows never have their sound system together?!!!

So I just saw Taemin’s teaser photo……

Like SM wtf are you doing?

Everybody was spazzing over Minho’s and all I could give was a poker face.smh.

So if Shinee is really coming back this month then that means we have 100 more teasers left of EXO


-______________- Really SM, really.

They are doing the most.

They need to stop and just release the lead single and video. smh.

Shinee and Teddy Riley


People still keep giving Teddy Riley crap. When Shinee first came out, their music was r&b, did you fans forget!!!! A lot of their music was similar to r&b but the Lucifer album was pop. I agree Teddy’s lyrics are quite ugly lol but the music Shinee used to do is similar to Teddy’s. I’m sure he will produce a good instrumental yet again so y’all shut up cuz he’s not leaving. The success of ‘The Boys’ is gonna keep him in SM, they wont drop him.

Honestly these people need to grow up. Even though Teddy runs  his mouth a lot, it doesn’t take away the fact he is a good producer. I loved Dr. Feel Good and Masquerade (he needs to work with Rania again ASAP b/c Brave Brothers ain’t doing them justice), EXO new song, and the American music he produces.