Gawd Bae and Ji looked so fuckin ratchet! *sighs*

But anyways Big Bang slayed….like always :)

I like how it says ‘Sex Scandal’


Lmao, just let the man live, give Seungri a break. And who is this female, translate the article.

Chi……If this is true then all I can say is get it in panda. lol.


Welp. Seungri is a sleazeball.

If I ever had the opportunity to meet Kyuhyun or Onew and they grabbed me like they did that chick I might stop being a Christian for like 5 mins. That shit ain’t cute, and just cause I stan ya doesn’t mean that you can touch me like that and get a free pass. Celebrity status or not, I’d beat your ass so hard. Put me on the 7 o’clock Korean news, I don’t care.


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Big Bang documentary!!! June 6!!!


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