+An Open Letter To Taeyang

Cynthia, the girl who wrote this, wrote a letter to Taeyang y’all. 

I have one thing to say about this letter……PREACH!!! 

I’ve basically said everything she said before. I like u Bae but come on now. Anyways click the link to read the letter. 

+Aegyo Hip Hop: Cultural Appropriation at Its Messiest

Lawd the comment section is a war zone. 

Take note SNSD’s “I Got A Boy” video didn’t bother me, I just thought the styling (and the song) was a mess, along with Yuri saying “Ayo GG” *cringes*.  But once again we saw what a lot of “Hip Hop” idol groups or groups who aren’t doing hip hop but have rap/hip hop (more like Hip-Pop imo) songs are doing, which is throwing on bandannas and all these crazy colors to symbolize what Hip Hop is to them. And that’s the problem. A girl on another article said it bestWhat irks me personally is the fact that in k-pop it seems the stereotypes and hip-hop are one and the same.  You don’t need to have corn rolls to signify hip-hop (looking at you BB, BAP, 2NE1, etc). You don’t need over-sized clothing, bandanas/hoodies (everyone else), nor do you need to look hard to try to exemplify hip-hop.  I mean look at rappers here today in the US for example, you don’t really see these things nowadays (Kid Cudi, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, the list goes on). They need to be able to find a “medium” between embracing a culture, and not coming off completely ignorant, especially since now for a lot of people, this is what they will see when they think of Korea or Korean music.”

The author is getting a lot of flack for this article. I feel the only reason this article is getting so much flack is b/c of who they’re talking about, which is SNSD. Calling the person an idiot shows how immature these fans are.
+K-pop’s Appeal to a Black Fan

In a sort of ironic way, those points you mention could either drive people towards kpop or away from it depending on how you take it, and how much further you get into Korean culture outside of kpop. For me at first I thought it was sort of flattering but now I find it more stereotypical than anything which makes it harder for me to really enjoy kpop sometimes. A lot of things in kpop concerning black culture is sort of contradictory. I mean they barely even use black people in kpop videos when they are trying to appeal to Americans, so it makes me wonder if they think America is white anyways, and how do I factor into that, do black people even cross their mind when they are trying to broaden their market if they think Westerners are all white. Black culture is whats “in”, it makes money. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are all that inspired by it as they claim, I’m starting to learn that. But then you do have the ones like YoungGuk, Taeyang, Hoya who actually seem sincere about it, but often times don’t really know much about black culture outside of singing, dancing etc so what ends up happening is stereotyping, (if I wear braids, baggy clothes, etc I’m acting black). It’s all sort of confusing. To me just because they like black celebrities doesn’t mean they like black culture and people. It kinda like that saying in America that just because majority of people who go to basketball games are white doesn’t mean they want to be neighbors with black people, something like that can’t remember exactly how it goes. These sort things combined with blackface really turn me off of being a black kpop fan sometimes…I’ll expand on this later but I have work. :/

                                       -JasmineA (currently the second top comment)

THIS!!!! I swear this person always goes in, but I feel the same way and agree with her.