Every single one of our ancestors just rolled over in their graves due to Porsha. 

Girl thought the Underground Railroad was a real train. Jesus fix it. 

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Kandi please please please grow a backbone and tell your mama what it is. Cuz I can’t. 

I know that’s your mom but that does not give her the right to disrespect your future husband and friend. 

Speaking of the friend shout out to her for saying “It ain’t no everybody, you are everybody”. I gave a good ole church shout the moment that came out of her mouth. lol.

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Kenya Moore sings Gone With The Wind Fabulous.

Guys, she turned her catchphrase into an actual song. It is the theme tune to my life. Don’t think we didn’t catch the shade Andy.

Oh gurl……..

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I told y’all Moesha’s daddy didn’t really like Kenya…at all


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To anyone who watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta last night, tell me this doesn’t remind you of Porsha! 

Death. I miss madTV.

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