Don’t cha love it when a person who’s not the same race as you, tells u what u should/shouldn’t be offended by? *sarcasm*

People saying that “Asian Girlz” isn’t racist


How can u listen to this:

I love your sticky rice / buttfucking all night”

“I love your creamy yellow thighs / Ooh your slanted eyes,”

"it’s the Year of the Dragon / Ninja pussy I’m stabbin’."

And still say it’s not racist? Do better!

I couldn’t even get through the whole thing b/c I was so disgusted and offended. 

And Levy Tran………………………..gurl *sighs*  go sit in a corner somewhere and think about what you participated in. smh. 

"Who taught you to hate the color of your skin? Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair? Who taught you to hate the shape of your nose and the shape of your lips? Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet? Who taught you to hate your own kind? Who taught you to hate the race that you belong to so much so that you don’t want to be around each other? You should ask yourself who taught you to hate being what God made you."
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+"Secret Service says President Barack Obama Is the Most Threatened President In History" | Daily Kos



Indication of how much racism exists in the depths of this country’s psyche (and this includes among supposed upholders of “law-and-order” such as police, judges, etc.) …


President Barack Obama is the target of more than 30 potential death threats a day and is being protected by an increasingly over-stretched Secret Service. He is the most threatened President in history.

Since the President took office in 2008, the rate of threats against the president has increased 400% cent. Some threats to the President have been publicized, including the well known alleged plot by white supremacists in Tennessee to rob a gun store, shoot 88 black people, decapitate another 14 and then assassinate the first black president in American history.

 … America is a post-racial society in name and desire only.  Attitudes toward racial integration have warmed, but in our homes and communities, we’re as segregated as ever; attitudes toward interracial dating have also warmed, but dating patterns remain mostly unchanged, with only 1% of all American marriages taking place between a black and a white person.  Yet the historic election of President Obama temporarily halted the cloud of racial pessimism that has hovered over our society since the 1600s and followed us through succeeding eras of hard-earned, if altogether underwhelming, progress:

We have 44 African-American Congresspersons (out of 435, or 10%, near-parity), zero black Senators (out of 100), 1 black governor (out of 56), and just 250-500 black mayors (out of 19,000 cities, or 2.6%).

Oh but it was never about race, was it white folks?


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Suspected Racist and suspected murderer, Michael Dunn, pled not guilty in the death of Jordan Davis, a 17-year-old black male from the area of the world known as Jacksonville, Florida. 
Reportedly, Dunn, shot and killed, Davis in a dispute related to loud music and later claimed he felt threatened.  CodeLens suspects that Dunn is a Racist (White Supremacist) and used the complaint of loud music to instigate conflict that would lead to the vicious murder of a black male youth, Victim of Racism. 
The family of the 45-year-old suspected White Supremacist (Racist) gathered at their residence in prayer and offered no comment to the press.

Oh hell naw!
And people insist we live in a “post racial society”. Str8 bull shit!

Racist police beating at Ohio State

Pranav Jani reports on an incident of police brutality on the Ohio State University campus that is helping to galvanize anti-racist activists.

ON OCTOBER 22, the Ohio State University (OSU) community was outraged by the news that Joseph Hines, an African American student, had been viciously assaulted by Columbus police.
As images and a video circulated around the web, we received a second shock: This incident of police brutality had occurred almost two months before—but there was not a word about it, either among students or the local media.
Hines was beaten and then arrested by police on August 29, 2012, at 11:45 p.m., just across from the Student Union.
According to a video on “OSU police beating,” a Facebook page started up by Hines’ supporters, Hines was “pepper-sprayed, hog-tied, and beaten unconscious” by a gang of police officers, causing him nerve damage in his left hand (he is left-handed), a concussion, and various lacerations and cuts all over his body and face. A picture reportedly taken days after the beating shows Hines with his left eye swollen shut.
Although details remain sparse for legal reasons, one of the things that has outraged activists and supporters was that police didn’t even feel they needed to give a reason or explanation for their actions.
Although a “Code 10-3” had been called—signaling that an officer was in trouble—Hines was, in fact, never charged with assaulting the cops. Instead, according to the Franklin Country Municipal Court website, he was charged for multiple counts of littering, resisting arrest and obstruction of justice, and some counts related to alcohol possession.
But you can’t find a word on the website about the fact that Hines was the victim of police brutality. Or what appears equally obvious to many on campus: that Hines was yet another victim of racism.
THE BRUTAL attack by police on Joseph Hines is the latest and most gruesome event in a virtual epidemic of racially charged incidents at OSU over the last few months.
On April 4, the Frank W. Hale Jr. Black Cultural Center was the target of racist vandalism when the words “Long Live Zimmerman” were spray-painted on the wall. The slogan referred to George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida on February 26.
 … THE ANTI-RACIST and anti-hate forces that OSU activists have mobilized over the past several months urgently need to come together again to demand answers from OSU President Gordan Gee, Mayor Michael Coleman and the Columbus police about the assault on Joseph Hines.
The struggle is happening at a key moment for campus anti-racist activism on campus. This year, various groups inside and outside SYG—including the Asian American Association, South Asian Students Association, International Socialist Organization, ex-Occupy Ohio Staters and United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS)—have worked together to connect the dots between different instances of racism and hate.
Weekly SYG speak-outs against racism, hate and discrimination have been organized to create “safe spaces” for students to come together on campus to talk through what they have experienced. A petition and protest against a new $1,000 fee for international students is also in the works.
+: just a little note on abigail fischer's case:


many of you aren’t familiar with how texas universities do college admissions but as the most desirable school in the state (and one of the highest ranked in the world) the university of texas offers a multitude of ways to get in.

a significant number of idiots and random farts get in this way,…

Oh shoot.

Abigail gurl…

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+Feed Me Revolution.™: Its killing me reading the reports on the....


African American camerawoman that had peanuts thrown at her while being taunted “this is how we feed animals” at the RNC along with the Republican Puerto Rican speaker being yelled over with “USA…USA” and booed when she came to the stage, Even after a man asked the crowd to show her respect.