Don’t cha love it when a person who’s not the same race as you, tells u what u should/shouldn’t be offended by? *sarcasm*

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People saying that “Asian Girlz” isn’t racist


How can u listen to this:

I love your sticky rice / buttfucking all night”

“I love your creamy yellow thighs / Ooh your slanted eyes,”

"it’s the Year of the Dragon / Ninja pussy I’m stabbin’."

And still say it’s not racist? Do better!

I couldn’t even get through the whole thing b/c I was so disgusted and offended. 

And Levy Tran………………………..gurl *sighs*  go sit in a corner somewhere and think about what you participated in. smh. 

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Who taught you to hate the color of your skin? Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair? Who taught you to hate the shape of your nose and the shape of your lips? Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet? Who taught you to hate your own kind? Who taught you to hate the race that you belong to so much so that you don’t want to be around each other? You should ask yourself who taught you to hate being what God made you.

Malcolm X (via anambra)
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this film is not really focusing on racism towards white people, more so the stereotypes that are focused towards black people, and things that not just white people, but everyone who doesnt understand the diverse african american/black cultures. not all black people like tyler perry; a black  girl’s hair looking nice doesn’t mean it’s a weave; all because you have one black friend doesn’t mean that you have the right to be insensitive and say offensive jokes; and there isn’t a right way to be black

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so lemme ask you something


y’all can dog the shit outta Melanie Fiona for only making “bitter bitch anthems”, but y’all gon’ kiss Adele’s lily white ass every fucking move she makes? you gon’ say Melanie makes too many sad “my man done left me” songs, but you a Drake stan? 


Damn, damn, damn. lol

But this is true though.

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From ignorant/racist comments about Jeremy Lin to this new FHM Philippines cover (it got pulled by the way). It’s 2012 folks! Educate yourself.

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IS SM really going to continue working with a racist??


They tweeted it, stating that “Paleness is beauty to us too!” Noooooooooo flippin way, are they serious???? Isn’t Teddy Riley black?!!!!! This isn’t making ANY sense. SM, I have lost complete respect for you. I don’t want to turn away from your idols, but if you agree with bigotry and racism, then that’s a problem. It makes me think that everyone in your company shares the same views even though I don’t want to think that. This is complete bull crap.

Is that really their twitter page though? I ran across that page earlier but it only has 21,000 people following it. It should have way more followers than that, considering they are the number 1 record company in Korea. I remember allkpop posting an article back in 2010 saying that they don’t have a twitter.

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