If this video goes viral watch everybody call it the “Gentleman Dance”.

Imma be like “no u skanks, it’s the Abracadabra dance by BEG…PSY just used it in his video”

My girls are gonna get their credit dammit!


Soul Train Crowns Big Bang And Psy For Top Dance Tracks Of 2012

If they are on the Soul Train Awards this year, I will definitely be watching.(more…)

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PSY makes history with the lone MV that has 1 BILLION Views!

I’m tired of this song tho.

Diplo is doing a song with Psy and 2Chainz.

Psy and 2Chainz?!!!! Lmao!!!!!

+2012 MAMA Awards Review


Pretty boring, worst than last year. But YG Family killed it. As usual. Watch HD performance on Mnet’s channel. If anyone has the link to full performance of Ailee or Wang Lee Hom, send it to me

Just read your post and I’m glad I didn’t watch it. Mama’s hasn’t been good to me since ‘08 (even though I didn’t get into Kpop till ‘09 I saw the award show from ‘08). YG killed it….like always. Gain looked hot but her performance could’ve been better though. I really don’t like MAMA’s voting system. If u ain’t there u don’t get the award, even if u won. And like u said it’s rigged. Seriously though why don’t some Korean music award shows never have their sound system together?!!!

Once again Bill O’Reilly proves that he’s ignorant/racist idiot and doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

As a Kpop fan I know the message behind Psy’s “Gangnam Style”.

Bill beware cuz these Kpop fans are coming for you.

+Hyuna to Make American Debut??


But what about the rest of 4minute…they constantly get no love. Don’t worry, I love you Gayoon, Jiyoon, Jinyun, Sohyun!

Gawd no! Honestly Psy, as much as I love him, got lucky. He kind of fit the stereotypical Asian image in America. Folks here only see a chubby Asian dude doing a funny horse dance. They don’t know him personally, what he’s done the music industry in Korea (dudes a legend), and really appreciate how great he is.

Hyuna…..idk if she’ll work out. Like u said her solos has a bunch of views and if she does “debut” in America she needs to sing in Korean cuz her English is horrendous. And 2NE1 idk if they will work out either. Cuz I think a lot of people will see them as some “funky Asian girls trying to be Black”.

Any Asian trying to break into the American market has to have tough skin and be ready for the constant racism and ignorance thrown there way. Americans are hella ignorant toward all POC, but Asians def. get a lot of flack b/c they rep. a small majority of the population.

Btw I’m sooooo annoyed with how Cube treats the other girls. I couldn’t do it. I would be like “fuck y’all. I ain’t no back up dancer”. lol.

+Psy Walks Out After Drug Question

Korean pop star Psy walked out of a radio interview with Melbourne’s Fox FM last week after he was asked about a 2001 arrest for marijuana possession.

The “Gangnam Style” singer quickly ended the pre-recorded interview last Wednesday after The Matt & Jo Show host Matt Tilley raised the topic of his arrest.

Fox FM said it decided not to air the interview in its Friday slot.

In a statement to ninemsn, Fox FM head of content Dave Cameron said Psy’s reaction was unexpected.

"Our breakfast show was asking Psy about life before the horse dance, and asked him about his two previous arrests," he said.

"Information that was freely available online and of human interest, however completely unbeknownst to us Psy apparently doesn’t like to talk about anything pre-Gangnam Style, and then pulled the pin on the rest of (Southern Cross Austereo’s) interviews."

"We were also never warned by the record company not to approach him with interesting questions about his life before Gangnam, so it was a complete shock and disappointment to us."

Fox FM said it was disappointed with Psy’s reaction but there were “no hard feelings” about the mix up.

Audio of Psy’s walkout was not broadcast and the network said the recording would remain private because it did not want to “make it into a bigger story than it already is”.

Source: Fox FM

I don’t blame Psy for walking out. I’m 100% sure Psy has no problem talking about stuff pre-Gangnam style stuff (I know he gets tired of talking it all the time) but he wasn’t expecting that! Out of all things to ask, this is what they bring up? Ask him about who he is as a person, what inspires him, how did he get into the music business not some shit that happened 11 YEARS AGO! People give zero fucks about that. smh.