I want to go back to Nigeria so person can sew me clothes jare!
+CoCo Bunny Boo: Pretty For A "Black Girl"....


So I’ve been told the standard, “You’re Pretty For A Black Girl” quote. I’ve been told for so long that I started to get use to it. Then today someone told me it again and I got upset. I told them, If I wasn’t black would you still say that. What if I was Asian, would you tell me I was…

+Be my reflection (:: I know you all don't care, but


Snooki looks really cute now! I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the weight loss, but she looks more grown and much prettier than before. Seriously though, she looks FABULOUS. She has about the same weight as me (I’m 106 and she’s 110). I’m not saying that she’s prettier because she’s skinnier,…

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