+Brown Eyed Girls hold press conference for 19+ concert, ‘Tonight 37.2°C’


On December 6th, the Brown Eyed Girls held their press conference for their upcoming 19+ rated concert, ‘Tonight 37.2°C‘.

This concert marks the first ever attempt made by a Korean girl group to cater specifically to a 19+ audience. Fit to the sexual concept, the concert is named to describe the temperature which the human body records while making love.

Each member will be taking on a specific theme including seduction, desire, betrayal, and revenge to tell a story about a promise they made with a man ‘until death do them part’. The moment their promises come true will be the grand reveal of the true meaning behind the numbers of the concert’s title, 32.7.

When asked what kind of stages the members were planning, Ga-In replied, “I’ve created a stage for ‘Bloom’ where it’s not made for public broadcast TV but closer to its music video’s elements.”

She continued, “Ever since our debut, people viewed whatever we did as sexual no matter what it was so there were a lot of regretful moments for us. There are a lot of other girl groups with more exposure and sexier dances but all of the attention was directed at us. We decided that if we can’t change that, we might as well embrace it and write honest lyrics for music that adults can understand.”

The concert will be held over two days at the Central City Millennium Hall on December 24th and 25th.

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