Jea’s in a relationship!!!

Go head girl. Happy for you :)

Now what about my other 3 girls? 








My favorite Kpop girl group is back!!!!! I can’t deal. I’m so excited. 

Basics sit down and take notes. 

Oh shoot Nega Network got a new dance studio. 

Look at them getting their coins up, no surprise tho since all that money came from BEG, but anyway. 

LC9 debut was cute, nothing mind blowing (which is strange since NEGA is known for their creativity), but the MV was cool. Hopefully their next comeback will be different. 

Next up is BEG’s comeback (I need them now. They snatch wigs every time and teach the basics how it’s supposed to be down), Littles debut (those lil girls can sing), and R-Team (they can sing also, apparently Rasa used to be in the group). I heard the remaining members of R-Team are supposed to be joining LC9. The 9 stands for the number of members in the group, but for whatever reason Nega decided to debut the group with 6 members and the remaining three will join later, cuz they’re still in training. 

Nega we need to talk aboout LC9’s (Brown Eyed Boys) promo pics. Y’all went overboard with the editing/photoshop. Who told y’all this was cute? Why did y’all even think it was cute? 

Anyways I’m sure I’ll enjoy LC9. Y’all have talented and creative people. I’m looking forward to them.

+Nega Network to release male idol group version of the Brown Eyed Girls, 'Beu Ah Boy' ~ Netizen Buzz


Nega please tell me this isn’t really their group name.