That awkward moment when xtina messed up on a really big note & still sounded better than your fav :o

Welp. lol.

Like Seriously all this Christina “Lotus” news is about to make me cry


It’s all just so beautiful

Like seriously, it sounds like the album of the decade; and the new decade just started. I mean from the song titles, to the concepts & themes, the story behind the songs, the genre’s, just all of it.

I just wanna pre-order up all the copies.

And then the TOUR.

I just…

Omg I know! I was going crazy reading that interview. I’m sooooo excited!!!!!

+Christina's #1 Fan: Christina Aguilera Confirms New Single "Make The World Move" With Cee Lo Green.


After much speculation about the rumored first single from Christina Aguilera called “Love Your Body”, it seems that finally the singer of “Fighter” and The Voice judge will launch as the first preview of her eagerly awaited new album the song “Make the World Move” with the help of her partner on…


Now when is it gonna be released?

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