+Knight of Scorpio: A lot of "supposed" Christina Aguilera fans be doin the most


Like this:

Not just the fact that the comment was made, but the fact it’s a top comment.

Let me enlighten you, her career started on “Pop”

You don’t understand let me refresh your memory

Case A:

Still don’t get it. Case B:

Some of y’all really kill me. I don’t know is it that…

Go in!!

Christina has always been considered pop so idk what they talkin bout.



& Imma be like this @ her concert:

To Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera fans…


I just hope that we won’t let the media create a “pop-star-war” again between these two. They’re friends. They’ve got their own stuff and it’s really immature to start off a fire again. I hope both fan bases won’t clash again just because both are judges in two different singing competitions. Let’s just take it in as a celebration :)

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