Luhan. smh. 

I’m so sick of Exo members and their colorism. They can go kick rocks. 

Look at how many exo fans are defending Luhan but yesterday were raving about Lee Michelle’s video -__-

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Shivers at the thought of what YG would’ve done with Lee Michelle

*Beyonce voice* I thank God she dodged a bullet

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Oh shoot Lee Michelle vs YG Ent

*sits and eats popcorn*

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Work it out (Beyonce) sung by Kpop Star’s Lee Michelle

I was serious that I would be her only international fan if I have to. Just found this video. It’s from last year from what was called “The 4th annual A-Music Vocal Festival”.

I really want Lee Michelle to get some recognition in Korea. The songs she sung on KpopStar were great and when she sung 가요, her voice was incredible. I still listen to 사진을 보다가. 

I seriously hope JYP signed her as a trainee. Ultimately, I would hope she would sign with YG. 

Source: Naver

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