Yes this GD interview for XXL was really good. He was speaking the truth and threw some shade. lol.

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Hold up! XXL interviewed G-Dragon? Let me go read this shit.

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A lot of Big Bang’s fans, not me though, were going ape shit over what G Dragon “reportedly” said. The article said he wasn’t overwhelmingly touched by us (international fans). Turns out it was a mistranslation and what he really said was  “based on the original Korean text, what G-Dragon really said is, since they studied and carefully planned YG’s music, they already expected this kind of reaction from abroad*, thus, he is not overwhelmingly surprised**”. They planned for a certain reaction and they got it. No disrespect to iFans (I got this off of black-kpop-fans tumblr)

See my fellow international fans it is important to always read more than one translation. The majority of us can’t speak or read Korean and stuff can get lost in language or mistranslated. 

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