Luhan. smh. 

I’m so sick of Exo members and their colorism. They can go kick rocks. 

Look at how many exo fans are defending Luhan but yesterday were raving about Lee Michelle’s video -__-

+Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha Used to Date Different Guys Every Month

I always knew Narsha was a maneater. lol. I ain’t mad at cha girl. Get that D ;)


Someone please tell me Taeyang did not just “nigga” in his new song “Ringa Linga”!!!

Like I will fly to S.Korea, find him, and slap his ass if he did.

+Racism on Radio Star? Kyuhyun's Racist Remark

Here we go again. So is there anyone in Super Junior that ain’t shitty? Donghae maybe? 

This is one group that I dislike completely. Y’all can have them. 

I really need Kpop fans to learn the difference b/t KPop and KHipHop. 

So some of these basic bitches are mad that the legendary Missy Elliot is performing at KCON

Y’all will not come for her!

I can’t with this fandom. 

Badman is all over the place. I don’t care for it.

And the MV………………….once again here we go with the black folks playing the “scary”/”rebellious hoodlums” aka the badmen.

Why in the world did I even read the YT comments for that video?

See I’m reblogging and commenting on Wassup due to their miserable attempt of twerking and cultural appropriation.

These flops on YT and other sites are coming at twerking talking bout how “trashy” and “disrespectful” it is.