Taeyang what in almighty fucks do u got on? It’s just as bad when he had that denim one piece on in the airport. And those braids…..Bruh this ain’t the 90’s!

And G-Dragon your outfit ain’t that bad, just that bandanna and earrings. I can actually tolerate your jacket.

Hold up! XXL interviewed G-Dragon? Let me go read this shit.

Why is Bae hair still like that thou? Kenya girl tweet him. lol.

Just saw GD comeback performances and he looks so ridiculous. lol.

The hair, outfits, and don’t get me started on them extra tattoos on his right arm.

The whole time I was like:


So GD has his yellow/blonde hair in cornrows

So when are Ga-In’s and Jea’s albums coming out?!!!

But yes for G-Dragon new album coming out soon!!

Yayy so Ji is shooting his new video for his upcoming solo!!!!

But why do I have a feeling it will be deemed “unfit for broadcast”.

This stupid law needs to be revoked!