Reading celebs instagram comments and twitter mentions……..image

People get real bold on the internet but will be the first one to ask for an autograph when they see the celeb. smh. 

Instagram Direct

This is gonna be a hot mess. 

Why is it that the majority of  people who tlk shit on instagram either have their page private or no pics of themselves?

How tf are u gonna tag “every body is beautiful” but have some body shaming quote or picture posted? Wtf?

U know wut let me get off instagram and got to bed.

The stuff I see on instagram…….

+Knight of Scorpio: Generation 2012


A lot of parents need to quit trying to be their child’s best friends and just be the parent. I see too many kids do off the wall things either right under neath their parents noses or worse, right in front of their faces. There’s no reason for kids being out blatantly smoking weed, having Sex,…


Imo spanking isn’t bad, I got spanked, but their is a major difference between discipline and abuse. Some of my friends got hit with the first thing their parents could find. I’m talking about extension cords, clothe hangers, etc. smh.