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My Thoughts On Zoe Saldana As Nina Simone: You KNEW It Was Coming



By: Eden H

There is an abundance of noteworthy talented black actresses that would be WONDERFUL for the role of the incomparable Nina Simone. Not to take away from Zoe and her accomplishment but this pick, if it is true, begs the question:

Will WE ever be good enough to play roles meant for dark-skinned women???

I understand the scarcity of roles for women of color in the industry, period. And where I am happy when women of color DO get roles, this is one situation where skin tone DOES play a determining factor and SHOULD matter. I don’t hate on Zoe Saldana for being a black Latina. That is her. But to replace Mary J. Blige (if the stories are true) with Zoe Saldana is downright shocking and a HUGE slap in the face to not only the dark skinned women, but it’s teaching the little ones colorism. If you don’t understand the magnitude of the situation, let’s paint a clearer picture for you:

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