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  • #just b/c your marry someone of the same or opposite sex doesn't mean u lose your bisexuality #bisexuality is the attraction to more than 1 gender #sheesh #ignorance
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  • toroymicahWhy did that guy saying dark skin girls aren't his thing offend you
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    I’m offended for all the black girls who have to grow up with the ideology that their skin tone is enough for them to be unwanted . What kind of bull shit it that? How can you a say you won’t date someone because they are dark . I don’t care whether he ends up dating light skinned women all his life , but the fact that it’s intentional means he values a girls skin tone before themselves . That means no matter how many amazing qualities a girl has , their skin tone is the most important , how can you completely exclude an entire group of people ? What reason could you have that is not problematic ? Preference ? Attraction ? No colorism and ignorance and brainwashing

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    Or it could really be preference. You don’t have to be brainwashed or a “colorist” in order not to find someone attractive. I just do not get that logic. I’ve said this before and I will always say it; It’s not always that deep.

    I have seen some absolutely beautiful Asian women but I am NOT attracted to them in the least. It’s not some underlining hate or any form of racial hate. I just do not find them attractive on that front.

    …. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA HE JUST SAID THE DEFINITION OF COLORISM THEN CONTRADICTED HIS OWN STATEMENT. How the hell can you force yourself not to be attracted to Asian women? Like what do you tell yourself when you see an Asian woman? So you really feel like when God made you he was like “oh nah you not gon like Asian woman” , nah that’s your choice , your choice to be exclusionary and ignorant

    And there are black Asian women so what are you saying ?

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Don’t cha love it when a person who’s not the same race as you, tells u what u should/shouldn’t be offended by? *sarcasm*

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People saying that “Asian Girlz” isn’t racist


How can u listen to this:

I love your sticky rice / buttfucking all night”

“I love your creamy yellow thighs / Ooh your slanted eyes,”

"it’s the Year of the Dragon / Ninja pussy I’m stabbin’."

And still say it’s not racist? Do better!

I couldn’t even get through the whole thing b/c I was so disgusted and offended. 

And Levy Tran………………………..gurl *sighs*  go sit in a corner somewhere and think about what you participated in. smh. 

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People who claim they aren’t homophobic but use the word gay as a slur «««<

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2 University of Minnesota Students In Blackface


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Smh at my mothers ignorant comment.

My dad was walking around our street and a lesbian couple, who lives on the same street and whom we know, asked my dad that he should come have dinner with them. My dad told my mom and I this when he got back and my mother was like “NO!” I already knew what she was implying. I asked “Why not?” and she said “It’s just sick!”. Now a couple of posts back on my blog I confessed I think I am bisexual and in that post I stated that my mom is a major homophobe. I LOVE my mom dearly, she is my best friend, but when it comes to gay issues and homosexuality she turns into an ignorant asshole. My mother doesn’t know about my sexuality, and she never will, but when we get into debates over the LGBT community and equal rights, I always come out on top (this is the only argument I know I can win over her). Of course when I say my point and turn her words against her she dodges the subject. smh. My mother is a major Bible thumper, but not as extreme as some. She ALWAYS quotes the scripture where it says marriage should be between a man and woman and homosexuality is a sin (I’m paraphrasing here). Now I love God/Jesus and I pray to Him all the time but I get sooo sick of people using the Bible against the LGBT community. I can find a lot of stuff in the Bible and use it against them. People, including my mother, are hypocrites. How are you gonna say that Blacks,Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterns, etc. don’t deserve to be discriminated against, and need to have equal rights, yet you are doing/saying the total opposite with the LGBT community?! My mother grew up in the Civil Rights Era. She dealt with racism, ignorance, and so on, but when it comes to LGBT rights she seems to forget what it was like to be judged, hated, and discriminated against just because of the color of her skin. This is  no different when it comes to sexual orientation. People like to praise God and say we should love everybody, but in their minds everybody excludes lesbians, bi’s, gays, and transgenders. The God I know loves ALL of us despite color, sexual orientation, etc. because we are all God’s children! People need to stop being such ignorant hypocrites and get a reality check!

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