Touché of the Day

R&B singer Chris Brown has apparently shut down his Twitter account last night after getting involved in a heated exchange with Houston-based comedian Jenny Johnson. The feud began when Johnson took a snappy jab at Brown’s one of many self-obsessive, worthless remarks (shown left) about his aging look, provoking a series of embarrassingly inarticulate tirades from the hotheaded 23-year-old singer and his Twitter fanbase #TeamBreezy. Head over to BetaBeat for more details on this exchange.

I’ve watched that woman send tweet after tweet after tweet of the most abusive puerile filth to Chris Brown over the last two years —- which is only being mentioned by fans in comments, almost never in the articles themselves.
Over a year ago I saw a string of comments she sent him that were honestly, the most disgusting tweets I have ever seen someone send another human being. Being a piece of shit for ‘comedy’ is basically this woman’s profession but in just about every article I’ve seen it’s ‘Oh Chris Brown is an asshole again!’ completely ignoring her involvement.
So he responds, at long last, like a total fucking douchebag, okay, but to ignore that she was responsible for an endless string of abusive tweets (for months on end) is the dumbest fucking hypocrisy.
People congratulating her for putting him in his place are equally ridiculous and disgusting. To condone her actions over time but to vilify his? See the things this woman tweets to celebrities and then go and fucking congratulate her for being a stand-up human being. Get over yourselves.