Why did I watch that video of EunB coffin getting put in a hearse? Why?!!

Lord give Rise a miracle. Please please please. 

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Jonica blamed Aysia for her shady shit. Girl…….

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  • AnonymousSO this is ratchet, before you judge me.. I just want to say that. So my boss's wife has been trying to kick it to ya boi. She is pregnant right now by my boss so she has been telling me to come thru and nut because she alrady pregnant and she can't have another baby. I'm not a scientist but is this true? Can my nut get her pregnant twice like and have twins who don't look alike? And I don't need any moreal advice..just about the biology. Thanks lawyer Ashley
  • lovelyandbrown


    well. at least you know it’s ratchet.

    *wipes tears from crying laughing*

    um. so, yeah. the issue at hand is can she get pregnant again…by you…and have twins? right?

    no. if she’s already pregnant, she’s already pregnant. you can’t nut in her and the embryo like…clears a space for its new homie to slide thru. like, the embryo already there doesn’t clean up the house and create some closet space for your nut. that’s now how it works.

    and to be honest…if you are this shaky on the female anatomy and biology, you might want to keep your dick in your pants. because this is all sorts of fucked up.

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I hit reblog so fast I broke my computer.

tears are streaming down my face


that scream laugh at the end is what tipped me over….I can’t.


I can’t breathe. Rofl. 

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Chirstina Aguilera  - The Voice Within (2014)

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"When they have Caribbean accents I don’t feel as scared"


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This. Is. Some. Shit.


Soon-Yi Previn is Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter and like a daughter to Woody Allen since she was 8-years-old. Mia and Woody never married but dated for 12 years. Soon and Woody started messing around while he was in a relationship with Mia, who found nude photographs of Soon in 56-year-old Woody’s camera when Soon was around 19-years-old. (Who knows how early that sexual relationship began). Soon ended up becoming estranged from Farrow’s family and married Woody (15 years now and counting). To cap this all off, Mia Farrow’s son, Ronan Farrow, is Woody Allen’s biological son and brother-in-law…

Not to mention the molestation allegations against Woody by Mia and Woody’s then-7 year-old adopted daughter in 1993, while he dating Soon…

Or when he was sued by his first wife (they married when he was 19 and she was 16) for making a joke about her rape…

Or when he briefly dated then-17 year-old actress Stacy Nelkin when he was 43…His film, Manhattan, is based on their relationship. 

Ain’t this some shit. 

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Why do white people love to romanticize plantations?!!

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