Biracial Danish actress, Jaqueline Fleming stars as Harriet Tubman in the new movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. No offense to Ms. Fleming but she in no way resembles Mother Tubman. There are millions of Black actresses out there. Why choose this one? I believe Hollywood seems much more comfortable with women who like her than Black women who look like Mother Tubman. 

The most powerful thing we must do is control our image. And since money is power the first step is to stop supporting entities that want to rewrite our history. The second step is call them out when they do it. And finally the most important step is to create, cultivate and support our own Hollywood. I for one will no longer support our annihilation. Next thing you know the Madame CJ Walker story will be about a White woman from Delta, Louisiana! 

Why Did a Biracial Actress Portray Harriet Tubman in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”? 

  1.  Mother Tubman was a dark skin Black woman. Not a light skin biracial woman and should be cast as such. Why anyone would have a problem with that is beyond me. Who will play MLK like others said, Wentworth Miller?
  2.  Those who claim to be sisters have not once said yes colorism /light skin worship is real and they want to end it. This was a form of it. To discount the experiences of those who have experienced harsher treatment because they are darker is the same that thing as the White folk who deny racism does not exist. All of the tactics used by those who defend this travesty against mother Tubman are the same ones used against Black people. You are no different.
  3.  Its not about light skin Black folks. Its about reclaiming Mother Tubman’s image. Look at her. I see nothing in Ms Fleming that resembles Mother Tubman.
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