Taeyang: “Hola Peru..!”
Taeyang: “@Realtaeyang so UGLY”

U know wut….Bae u may have every single seat.

Screaming at the tags. lmao.
When I listen to Chrissy’s “Lotus (Intro)” & “Circles”


BTW, Both of these tracks scream “FIGHTER!” To me even more than “Army of Me.” The whole album screams, “FUCK EVERYBODY, I’m a EPIC as hell, & all y’all can lick my 120 million dollar ass, you 2 dolla hoes.”

Listening to “Lotus” Album Snippets



+Knight of Scorpio: A lot of "supposed" Christina Aguilera fans be doin the most


Like this:

Not just the fact that the comment was made, but the fact it’s a top comment.

Let me enlighten you, her career started on “Pop”

You don’t understand let me refresh your memory

Case A:

Still don’t get it. Case B:

Some of y’all really kill me. I don’t know is it that…

Go in!!

Christina has always been considered pop so idk what they talkin bout.

I wanna go to a Christina Aguilera tour, so I can be like this


Yes! That’s why I need this album to do good, so she can have great ticket sales.

I will be up there front row (well close enough to the stage) gettin my life!