Give It To Me- YDG ft The Quiett and Dok2

I’m sorry, no I’m not lol, but I just had the greatest laugh. Like what is this? Here go Dok2 with his typical “I’m gangsta” fuckery. He know damn well he ain’t bout that life. YDG at the end 0_o….I just have no words for him, and The Quiett sweetheart why were u involved in this foolishness?

Chile let’s tlk bout the chorus. It’s so dreadful. "Mercedes, Mercedes, Mer.., Mer.., Mercedes". Naw. It ain’t working.

Tell these fools to get off worldstar. Oh and bless that girl trying to shake her ass (I swear I’ve seen her somewhere before). smh.

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dok got a SELF PORTRAIT on himself




This is pure fuckery!

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So where’s the G-Dragon ft Tablo and Dok2 song?

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20060701 MuCore - All Black - Music

Baby DOK2~
Oh how I remember that hair xD 

So young.

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my reaction to Jay’s song (all in this order)


if i tell you my name, i’m giving you my address, cell phone number, etc.

omg there is a black girl up in here and she isn’t looking busted. take notes JYPE


Jay did it right!!! omg he did it so right

omg there is a black girl up in here and she isn’t looking busted. take notes JYPE


lol so true. Girl was dancing her ass off!

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Jay Park- Know Your Name ft. Dok2


Love the song. His voice and dancing was on point!

Jay is so much better now that he is solo.

s!b-I honestly think out of all the kpop stars trying to make it in the US, he would mostly likely be on the to make it big. He was born here, knows the culture, and language (duh!)

*Yes a black woman in the video! lol She can dance her ass off :)*

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