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So I was over at and she had posted an article about Oprah confirming to do an interview with Rihanna. In the article she asked “what questions should Oprah ask” and this was the top comment

I’d ask Rihanna the following questions:

1) What comes and goes more in your life? Your accent or your romantic partners?
2) What was the point of that white ‘Thug Life’ tattoo?
3) Just how good IS your ‘birthday cake’?
4) Did Drake get a slice? Did he need a bib?
5) All of people who should just use the track you rarely do. Is this because you hate America?
6) How relevant do you see yourself being in the next five years?
7) Will you please just find a hair color you like and stick with it please?
8) How much truth is there to the rumored beef between you and Kangaroo Tracks?
9) Why is Meek Millz acting like he used your birthday cake?
10) Have any women tasted your birthday cake? Or atleast nibbled at your muffin top?
11) Why on more than one occasion have you seen your hair looking worst then Jaqueisha who works customer service and live in the bottom of the ghetto of Detroit? *sings to the tune of Cold in the D* It’s so hard to be RIH!
12) Have you gotten back with Chris Brown at any point after him thinking he could run it on that face?
13) When will you just admit you love that wannabe Chicano gangster and have his rudie poo niglet?
14) Should we technically even be calling you a singer?
15) When are you going to make a song most people actually like to hear you sing live?
16) What STD did you have when you last appeared on SNL?
17) How many times do you have to practice your dance routines only for it to still look like a Sunday Morning Praise Dance done by the Youth Coalition?
18) Why did you make Loud? This is an honest question

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