Daesung and Beni on the set of ‘Sakigake’ 130730 

*squeals* I love both! :)

Gawd Bae and Ji looked so fuckin ratchet! *sighs*

But anyways Big Bang slayed….like always :)

Why is Bae hair still like that thou? Kenya girl tweet him. lol.
Big Bang documentary!!! June 6!!!


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Oh My Goodness. Big Bang being featured on World Star Hip Hop as a part of the Korean Blood gang HAS MADE MY FREAKING DAY


No year, no lifetime!!! The comments LOL. Oh my goodness, who submitted the video LOL. Actually, after reevaluating the video I would kinda be skept-NO. HAHAHAHAHA. OH my goodness, seriously, I LOL’D so loud.

Oh gawd *facepalm* lol