“Asians have long been serving roles of comedic relief in Western productions, and this is exactly the stereotypical image of Asians that provided the proper circumstance for Psy to shoot into super stardom, even if temporary. Western audiences have long been conditioned to see Asian males as sexless, undesirable funnymen, and so when Psy comes along — someone who’s not trying to push for his sexual dominance, someone who fits exactly into the bill of the funnyman — it’s easy for him to be accepted into the mainstream. This is not to say that Psy’s song or his prowess as a performer are not worth their weight in gold, because “Gangnam Style” is an unbelievably great pop song and Psy is a master performer. But it’s also a reality that most of the Western audiences who have never heard of K-pop, who don’t understand Korean, who don’t know anything about Asian music don’t really care about what the song means, where “Gangnam” is, or what’s Psy’s back story is.”  Read more here. 

I’ve basically been saying all of this the minute PSY’s song caught on.