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    I’m offended for all the black girls who have to grow up with the ideology that their skin tone is enough for them to be unwanted . What kind of bull shit it that? How can you a say you won’t date someone because they are dark . I don’t care whether he ends up dating light skinned women all his life , but the fact that it’s intentional means he values a girls skin tone before themselves . That means no matter how many amazing qualities a girl has , their skin tone is the most important , how can you completely exclude an entire group of people ? What reason could you have that is not problematic ? Preference ? Attraction ? No colorism and ignorance and brainwashing

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    Or it could really be preference. You don’t have to be brainwashed or a “colorist” in order not to find someone attractive. I just do not get that logic. I’ve said this before and I will always say it; It’s not always that deep.

    I have seen some absolutely beautiful Asian women but I am NOT attracted to them in the least. It’s not some underlining hate or any form of racial hate. I just do not find them attractive on that front.

    …. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA HE JUST SAID THE DEFINITION OF COLORISM THEN CONTRADICTED HIS OWN STATEMENT. How the hell can you force yourself not to be attracted to Asian women? Like what do you tell yourself when you see an Asian woman? So you really feel like when God made you he was like “oh nah you not gon like Asian woman” , nah that’s your choice , your choice to be exclusionary and ignorant

    And there are black Asian women so what are you saying ?

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Wait a minute some people are mad at Kelly Rowland for saying that she didn’t use to like her dark skin?

What Kelly said isn’t anything new. Personally I’ve never had issues with my skin color, but I know PLENTY of black girls/women (including myself) who at one point thought they weren’t beautiful, b/c they didn’t fit society standards of beauty  (which is being fair, having a thin nose, small lips, being thin, straight hair, etc)

What I got from Kelly’s statement was that Tina Knowles (a woman who embodies society’s view of what a black beauty should look like) sat Kelly down and told her she’s beautiful. To not let society tell her she’s not just b/c she doesn’t fit their mold. To embrace her skin tone and know her self worth. Kelly was basically telling her journey on how she overcame her issues and learned how to love herself. 

I can’t help but smh when people say Kelly is being ridiculous for not always liking herself. Why are they so surprised? Colorism has been around in POC community’s forever and will most likely always be. 

From someone who has suffered from self esteem issues since the age of 13 I know for a fact that learning to love yourself takes time and isn’t easy! It doesn’t matter how many times your told you’re beautiful, when you constantly get teased on and see one view of beauty, you begin to think negatively of yourself and develop self hatred. When I was younger I experienced that. I hated my nappy hair, wide nose, thick lips, etc. but the older I got I had to ask myself why I thought this way? The answer was obvious. I let society’s one dimensional view of beauty get the best of me. From that day on I began to slowly but surely learn how to love myself and embrace my features. Almost 8 yrs later I can proudly say I love myself. My self esteem issues flair up every now and then but it doesn’t get the best of me anymore.

I just hope that girls/women who are currently feeling this way can read what Kelly said and start the process of healing and embracing their beauty. I also commend Kelly for being honest and talking about her struggles. 

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Team Lightskinned

*finger snaps*

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Watching CNN’s “Who’s Black in America” and a 7 yr old said she’s ugly because she has dark skin and wants to be light. Ughh. That broke my heart.

Colorism is the devil!

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Who taught you to hate the color of your skin? Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair? Who taught you to hate the shape of your nose and the shape of your lips? Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet? Who taught you to hate your own kind? Who taught you to hate the race that you belong to so much so that you don’t want to be around each other? You should ask yourself who taught you to hate being what God made you.

Malcolm X (via anambra)
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You Say, We Say, They Say

You say Black is Beautiful but you diss me on the internet because of my dark tone
You say Black is Beautiful but because I’m light skinned I have less flaws
You say Black is Beautiful but you say I’m pretty… for a dark-skinned girl
You say Black is Beautiful and you put your fist in the air while at the same time beating me down
because you claim a dark skin woman can take a beating better
You say Black is Beautiful but you see no problem with those in the media disrespecting dark skinned females
You say Black is Beautiful but only if I’m dark enough to be called exotic
You say Black is Beautiful but your actions show that you hate black, and don’t want to be black

You say Black is Beautiful but if I’m light skinned I’ll cheat on you
You say Black is Beautiful but you place yourself as a second-class citizen
You say Black is Beautiful but your negative perceptions mirror those who enslaved us
You say Black is Beautiful but you chose me strictly based on my lighter tone
You say Black is Beautiful but then why does it matter how I wear my hair
You say Black is Beautiful but you don’t know what true beauty is
You say Black is Beautiful but the definition of it is affected by those in the media
You say Black is Beautiful but I don’t buy it.

You don’t think you’re beautiful. You don’t think you’re handsome. I don’t know if you think at all.

You don’t have to speak these words for me to know them
I was raised by a black mother. A black father. And no, their shade does not matter to me.
I guess sometimes I laugh
At our people. Our ignorance. Our arrogance.
Sometimes it’s better than crying.
Words without meaning, you’ve muddied the image
I was told I was beautiful for being me
I was told black is beautiful because of our history
I was told black is beautiful because of our struggle
I was told black is beautiful because of the legend we as a people embody
I was told black is beautiful for all shades
I was told black defines itself, but never forgets where it came from
I was told a lot of things about being black
Everyone has their own opinions

You say Black is Beautiful?
I live it.

-Deana Bolumbu

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My Thoughts On Zoe Saldana As Nina Simone: You KNEW It Was Coming



By: Eden H

There is an abundance of noteworthy talented black actresses that would be WONDERFUL for the role of the incomparable Nina Simone. Not to take away from Zoe and her accomplishment but this pick, if it is true, begs the question:

Will WE ever be good enough to play roles meant for dark-skinned women???

I understand the scarcity of roles for women of color in the industry, period. And where I am happy when women of color DO get roles, this is one situation where skin tone DOES play a determining factor and SHOULD matter. I don’t hate on Zoe Saldana for being a black Latina. That is her. But to replace Mary J. Blige (if the stories are true) with Zoe Saldana is downright shocking and a HUGE slap in the face to not only the dark skinned women, but it’s teaching the little ones colorism. If you don’t understand the magnitude of the situation, let’s paint a clearer picture for you:

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