Chris Brown *sighs*

"Marc Lamont Hill (CNN political analyst/ Host of HuffPost Live): This latest news about Chris Brown is troubling me, on many levels. I need to think about it more but it’s really bothering me…Chris Brown reminds me of the dangers of what @estherarmah calls “untreated trauma.” I feel sad for the people he hurts, but also for him. Even if the latest accusations are untrue, it is clear that Chris is dealing with all sorts of unresolved pain & anger. It’s crippling him. The people hurt by Chris Brown, or any of us, deserve justice. Unequivocally. But Chris also needs to find spaces and places to truly heal.”

Well said Marc Hill.

You would think his domestic violence altercation with Rihanna would be his rock bottom but clearly it wasn’t. I feel God gives us as humans so many chances to get it together but when we don’t he allows us to go to a place we’ve never been before just to wake us up. It’s time for him to face the real repercussions of his actions (he’s been getting slaps on the wrists since ‘09) so it will finally force him to  deal with his demons and change for the better. 

Oh and bump his raggedy “friends”. Bunch of leeches. 

I ain’t no CB fan but I hope he gets better. 

Chris Brown needs his behind whooped and Jesus






Shoot everything 

Welp Chris den deleted his twitter.

I’ve been said he needs to have it confiscated or monitored. He’ll probably be back though.

*Pause* He’s calling something immature…………

Well ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black.

Shit is bout to go down!!

Someone get Chris Brown!!

Look the woman was wrong for calling him a worthless piece of shit, no doubt about it, BUT imma need Chris to realize that the best response is none at all!

He’s trying to rebuild his image but time and time again he proves to the media that he’s nothing more than an immature/”angry black man” (I do think he has anger issues though) by going off on these stupid tantrums.

Do better Christopher!


Welp Chris Brown got the front of his neck tattooed *sighs*

Damn I miss the clean cut Chris who only had a few tattoos.

All I know is that when he gets older the tattoo removal place is gonna be his best friend. smh.

Somebody get Christopher Maurice Brown!

This ninja gon release a video talking bout his love triangle with Ri and his now ex gf Karreuche