The live performance of Pixie Lott version of Nasty (Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo originally recorded for the movie Burlesque)


Aww Trevin went home. But I expected it b/c his performance last night wasn’t his best.

But yes imma need Cee Lo or Christina (I say Christina b/c she said a week ago that she would love to take him on the road with her) to get him signed!

Christina boobs are out and u will deal!

Cee Lo outfit lol, but it’s very tamed compared to Monday night.


Shakira and Usher are rumored to be taking over coaching duties for Christina and Cee Lo for season 4 of The Voice

Cee-Lo is leaving too?


The Voice has added a 3rd night of shows to it’s premiere. Next week there will be premiere episodes on September 10, 11, and 12.

Oh shit the X Factor premiers on the 12th also. Let the games begin :)


The Voice Season 3 Poster
+Christina Aguilera: Source: New Christina Aguilera Single Expected for August ReleaseA...


Source: New Christina Aguilera Single Expected for August Release

A source tells Billboard that Aguilera is working hard on the follow-up to 2010’s “Bionic,” and that a new single is expected to be released in early August. The club banger was produced by Swedish pop hit-maker Max Martin, and…




I LOVE Cee Lo but him telling people to “shut the fuck up” ain’t gonna solve anything. At the end of the day people are gonna voice their opinion, good or negative. He doesn’t need to not respond to the negatives ones b/c you are giving them a reaction and it proves to them that they are getting under your skin, which is what they want.

Cee-Lo just needs to stop reading his mentions or delete his twitter if he can’t learn to ignore the haters.

As much as I love Christina. I’m rooting for Cee-Lo now b/c he has my boo/future husband Jamar on his team. (Yes Jamar is my man. He doesn’t know it yet but he will soon!)

I love Cee Lo and Christina!!!