jfc if I see another “Ga-In wasn’t in the ‘plastic face’ MV because she’s a natural beauty blablabla” and people talking about it like she’s something superior, I will cackle right in your idiots faces.

Ga-In has even admitted to having surgery too. Double-eyelid surgery in not the only surgery that exists. And you guys totally missed the point about that MV.

It was calling out the hypocrisy of people in Korea who get plastic surgery and then lie about it. They’re saying “If you’re gonna get things done, be confident.”. SK has insane beauty standards, but then plays so holy on the “natural beauty” that it’s literally impossible to satisfy the masses. Instead of focusing one BEG’s faces, they’re asking you to “Let me see the attractivness underneath your face”.

They admit to getting the surgeries, they’re not ashamed of that. Because they know that their faces are not a measure of their talent.be confident and satisfied.

All of this.

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