And here we go with this Britney vs Christina foolishness.

News flash it’s 2012 not 1999.

Both of them are good in their own way, so chill.

I’m so sick of this Britney vs Christina thing.

Get out of 1999!!!! Good lawd.

I see shade…



Just a friendly reminder that it is actually okay to like Christina. Britney and Mariah


+Knight of Scorpio: The Voice vs. X-Factor


I’m not necessarily even gonna go on about the Simon Cowell comments on “The Voice” & Christina.

Let’s just got at it at this angle.

For one, No one from X-Factor should be taking any shots at “The Voice”, X-Factor is just like idol, they start out getting a whole bunch of people that KNOW GOOD…

Yessss for this whole post!

Simon is being ridiculous right now b/c he’s trying to make 1999 happen all over again. smh. I wish Britney would tell him to stfu but I know she’s not *le sighs*

In Christina’s new video, she’s going to have three different hair colours. Fans are excited for this bold and original idea.



Oops. How did that get there?

Stuff like this is stupid. Nothing against Brit but I’m sure she wasn’t the first person do this either.



Oop. Lol.