How tf are u gonna tag “every body is beautiful” but have some body shaming quote or picture posted? Wtf?

U know wut let me get off instagram and got to bed.

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I really can’t deal with people who pick on others body sizes/types.

Seriously to everyone who does that, I have a question. Why are y’all so basic/shallow?

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i’ve never been so disappointed by an idol as much as I am rn

himchan was my love and he is a fucking /asshole/

he told his sister that if she didn’t lose weight ‘he wouldn’t call her his sister anymore’

he doesn’t want to be associated with fat people

like i’m so disgusted I feel like i’m gonna fucking throw up 

real talk i was reading this and eating my cabbage and cornbread

and i lost my fucking apetite

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"Real Women Have Curves"

This quote is such bullshit to me. The last time I checked being a real women isn’t defined by her curves, it’s based on the fact that she has a vagina, uterus, and eggs (reproductive system). Oh and transgender women are women too. 

I find it ironic people get tired of body shaming but they still participate in it w/ quotes like this. You got thin women calling curvy/thick women fat, and curvy/thick women calling thin/slim women anorexic or bulimic.

I’ve stated this before in a Christina Aguilera post. Beauty comes in ALL shapes and sizes. Some women are naturally slim, while others are naturally thick. Some have curves, others don’t. Stop the body shaming already. Sheesh.

This rant came from the fact I got called “skinny bitch” and that I need to “eat more”. It also didn’t help that I saw someone quote this on twitter. Oh little does she know that I eat like crazy, but something called genetics contributes greatly to my size! Get over how I look. If you don’t like your size then do something about it, but don’t try to bring me down just to make yourself feel better. Lawd. *sighs*

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