What I saw on instagram “Skip dinner, be thinner”


+Knight of Scorpio: Am I the only one annoyed by these 3 things?


  • People calling Bionic horrible because of sales, & the media’s perception
  • People running with that fake billboard story when it’s been stated on more than one occasion that it’s false. & even if they didn’t see it posted on Tumblr, you can just google the actual article
  • People actually believe…

Agreed 100%!!!

Funny I was thinking to myself that white people need to learn the definition of thick. I say this b/c everyone I see calling her fat are majority white. I’m sure with them it’s either your slim or fat, there’s no in between. I need society to realize that not everyone is gonna be a size 2-4 like me. People come in all shapes in sizes. It’s ironic thou b/c back in ‘99 when she was a size 2 people wanted her to gain weight b/c she was too thin and looked anorexic. Now she’s too “fat”. Smh.

+Knight of Scorpio: "Your Body" Issues: It's not always the media, sometimes it's the general people.


You know. I’m always a fan of looking at other people’s opinions. Some people would say why give a fuck? But I’m not gonna be narrow-minded all the time, to only my opinions. In order to grow, not be 1-dimensional, & become more mature, sometimes I need to listen or read other people’s opinions….