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Dear Tumblr, Please Get Your Shit Together


A secondary blog should have all of the same features as a primary blog. We should be able to switch between them. I really don’t see why this would be a problem… Sometimes I want to reblog stuff on my primary blog, and sometimes I want to reblog on my secondary blog. But it’s a fucking pain in the ass to do with the way you have it set up.

Plus, we don’t have all of the social features on a secondary blog… What if we just want two separate dashboards? Follow what you want to follow on your primary blog, and follow what you want to follow on your secondary blog.

And yes, it may be hard to set it up, but work on that instead of a bunch of pointless crap that we’re not even asking for… Like the last layout change. Work on stuff like this instead. You’ll make a LOT of users happy if you do this.

If you don’t do this, then do you know what happens? We just go out and make separate accounts… We go through the trouble of dealing with two accounts JUST so we can have the features we want… But it could be so much simpler…

And I know this is just me rambling, but seriously.

Get your shit together.


Tumblr staff y’all better read this and take this advice!! Seriously get it together.

+Knight of Scorpio: The life of an individual


No one really has to reblog this, like this or read this, but I just wanted to put it out there since many don’t have opposing views on certain subjects, but maybe someone shares the same feelings.


I feel like it’s 2012, & a lot of stuff needs to die. Most of this ignorance.


Very nice post!

I agree with everything you said. It’s annoying how society likes to label everything.

I hear people in the LGBT community complain about how Queen Latifah hasn’t “come out” but I just sit there and think why are y’all mad? Just b/c a person decides not to air their personal business doesn’t mean they are ashamed of it.

I’m proud of Frank Ocean also but imma get annoyed when he does interviews and they constantly talk about his sexuality. We get it. He’s gay/bi whatever. Can we focus on the person’s music and character.