Wait a minute some people are mad at Kelly Rowland for saying that she didn’t use to like her dark skin?

What Kelly said isn’t anything new. Personally I’ve never had issues with my skin color, but I know PLENTY of black girls/women (including myself) who at one point thought they weren’t beautiful, b/c they didn’t fit society standards of beauty  (which is being fair, having a thin nose, small lips, being thin, straight hair, etc)

What I got from Kelly’s statement was that Tina Knowles (a woman who embodies society’s view of what a black beauty should look like) sat Kelly down and told her she’s beautiful. To not let society tell her she’s not just b/c she doesn’t fit their mold. To embrace her skin tone and know her self worth. Kelly was basically telling her journey on how she overcame her issues and learned how to love herself. 

I can’t help but smh when people say Kelly is being ridiculous for not always liking herself. Why are they so surprised? Colorism has been around in POC community’s forever and will most likely always be. 

From someone who has suffered from self esteem issues since the age of 13 I know for a fact that learning to love yourself takes time and isn’t easy! It doesn’t matter how many times your told you’re beautiful, when you constantly get teased on and see one view of beauty, you begin to think negatively of yourself and develop self hatred. When I was younger I experienced that. I hated my nappy hair, wide nose, thick lips, etc. but the older I got I had to ask myself why I thought this way? The answer was obvious. I let society’s one dimensional view of beauty get the best of me. From that day on I began to slowly but surely learn how to love myself and embrace my features. Almost 8 yrs later I can proudly say I love myself. My self esteem issues flair up every now and then but it doesn’t get the best of me anymore.

I just hope that girls/women who are currently feeling this way can read what Kelly said and start the process of healing and embracing their beauty. I also commend Kelly for being honest and talking about her struggles. 


A wonderful woman

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