Why is Barack so smooth? It don’t make no sense. I need to find a Barack type of man. lol. 

And our first lady is so lovely. That red dress »»


President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama stand together in the Blue Room of the White House, before a brunch celebrating the Inauguration, Jan. 18, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Mr. President you had me tearing up.



Love my President and the First Family

First Lady Michelle Obama I LOVE you!!

That speech was everything. Full of passion and emotions. Words can’t describe how I feel.

How can you not like Michelle and the first family? They are such good people and actually care.

Such an inspiration to everyone.

Obama/Biden 2012!!!


If a Democratic governor, or a black governor, had gotten in George W. Bush’s face like this the way Arizona governor Jan Brewer did today with Barack Obama, the media would have a field day. I also have to seriously wonder if she would have pulled this crap if the President were white.
Jan Brewer owes the President an apology.

This is a mess. You don’t have to agree with the President but you SHOULD respect him! He is the President of the USA, whether you like it or not.
I wonder how President Obama keeps his cool all the time, b/c I would have cussed all those racist and ignorant bastards in the House/Senate. a long time ago.
The amount of likes on the video disgusts me. The top rated comment called him a monkey. It’s amazing how people say all these racists things about us behind our back but wouldn’t dare say it to our faces!
s!b- I seriously wanna go and break that woman’s finger for him.