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+Knight of Scorpio: I personally saw the “Lotus” album booklet insides on Facebook, but I...


I personally saw the “Lotus” album booklet insides on Facebook, but I purposefully didn’t post it because I know some people like to experience those moments in revealing that booklet when they get the album. It’s almost like you really wanting to go to the movie, then one of your friends or some…

Agreed. I’m one that likes to experience with out being surprised. It’s annoying. I looked through the tag and I’m like……well damn. Shoot even u do post the pics, post only some and not all. *sighs*

+Knight of Scorpio: How I feel about Christina Aguliera's current musical status


I don’t care if she sells a million albums, honestly I don’t. I’m old school, I care about the TALENT & QUALITY. I know she doesn’t really care for selling records anymore either, though sometimes I don’t really understand her on that because “Bionic” didn’t sell well & she had been recording that…

Agreed. Everything u stated, you and I have already discussed so u know how I feel :)

Listening to “Lotus” Album Snippets



+Knight of Scorpio: A lot of "supposed" Christina Aguilera fans be doin the most


Like this:

Not just the fact that the comment was made, but the fact it’s a top comment.

Let me enlighten you, her career started on “Pop”

You don’t understand let me refresh your memory

Case A:

Still don’t get it. Case B:

Some of y’all really kill me. I don’t know is it that…

Go in!!

Christina has always been considered pop so idk what they talkin bout.