Freedom of Speech is lacking


This is my general theory & perspective on the world currently:

If you don’t agree w/ something. You’re hating or being mean.
But if you follow what everyone else believes, you’re nice & ok
It’s a difference between hate, & a opposing opinion. The difference is respect & how you present it.

It’s like Christina Aguilera. She expresses a honest, mature opinion, & she get deemed as a “bitch.” Why tho?
We’re America, what happened to our freedoms of speech? Not everyone is gonna agree with the norm, & general “opinion”, & that’s why we’re individual (well some of us), & not robots.

I know me personally, when I express my opinion about stuff opposing everyone else, I get deemed “difficult” or a problem. This is the world we live in though.
Does anyone else wish that The Voice would go back to the old format, but keep the steals? I really dislike leaving EVERYTHING up to America. It’s just like American Idol that way. It’s awkward knowing that it could be a Team Blake vs. Team Blake finale. Where’s the fun in that?!

Basically! I hate this new format, except the steals.

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+Knight of Scorpio: The life of an individual


No one really has to reblog this, like this or read this, but I just wanted to put it out there since many don’t have opposing views on certain subjects, but maybe someone shares the same feelings.


I feel like it’s 2012, & a lot of stuff needs to die. Most of this ignorance.


Very nice post!

I agree with everything you said. It’s annoying how society likes to label everything.

I hear people in the LGBT community complain about how Queen Latifah hasn’t “come out” but I just sit there and think why are y’all mad? Just b/c a person decides not to air their personal business doesn’t mean they are ashamed of it.

I’m proud of Frank Ocean also but imma get annoyed when he does interviews and they constantly talk about his sexuality. We get it. He’s gay/bi whatever. Can we focus on the person’s music and character.

+The (*G.)oddamazon™: Has it ever occurred to the U.S. that people wouldn't look like they were a threat to them if the U.S. kind of...stopped...


Like, I love my country but we really need to stay in our fucking lane. We are not the World Police, and people are telling us “Hey, we’ll handle it and call you if we need help.” But we keep going in anyway. We’re like that bitchass friend that no one likes but because we’re rich (in this…

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