Freedom of Speech is lacking


This is my general theory & perspective on the world currently:

If you don’t agree w/ something. You’re hating or being mean.
But if you follow what everyone else believes, you’re nice & ok
It’s a difference between hate, & a opposing opinion. The difference is respect & how you present it.

It’s like Christina Aguilera. She expresses a honest, mature opinion, & she get deemed as a “bitch.” Why tho?
We’re America, what happened to our freedoms of speech? Not everyone is gonna agree with the norm, & general “opinion”, & that’s why we’re individual (well some of us), & not robots.

I know me personally, when I express my opinion about stuff opposing everyone else, I get deemed “difficult” or a problem. This is the world we live in though.
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Does anyone else wish that The Voice would go back to the old format, but keep the steals? I really dislike leaving EVERYTHING up to America. It’s just like American Idol that way. It’s awkward knowing that it could be a Team Blake vs. Team Blake finale. Where’s the fun in that?!

Basically! I hate this new format, except the steals.

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