People over here talking about they disappointed in Ailee…..



You disappointed cuz she took PRIVATE pictures for her bf? Have several seats. 

Y’all stay getting mad/disappointed with the wrong people. Who y’all really need to be upset with is the person who leaked them and AKP for posting the story. 

So I took my behind to AKP (bleh) and the top comment reads:

You know what’s really weird? i did a thorough research in Korean portal websites and none of them talked about this and it was only allkpop…also the pictures have allkpop credited, meaning that allkpop directly received the photos as a primary source from someone…..the fact that akp never mentioned any sources and that it was “anonymous” leads me to think either an akp worker found it due to private relations or someone sent the photos directly to akp….

All of this. AKP ain’t shit. 

If it’s true that the person that leaked Ailee’s pics was an ex-bf who writes for AKP, then it further proves that AKP ain’t shit. 

Lawd some dumb ass has leaked Ailee’s nude pics. 

Ughh poor girl. 

+2012 MAMA Awards Review


Pretty boring, worst than last year. But YG Family killed it. As usual. Watch HD performance on Mnet’s channel. If anyone has the link to full performance of Ailee or Wang Lee Hom, send it to me

Just read your post and I’m glad I didn’t watch it. Mama’s hasn’t been good to me since ‘08 (even though I didn’t get into Kpop till ‘09 I saw the award show from ‘08). YG killed it….like always. Gain looked hot but her performance could’ve been better though. I really don’t like MAMA’s voting system. If u ain’t there u don’t get the award, even if u won. And like u said it’s rigged. Seriously though why don’t some Korean music award shows never have their sound system together?!!!