People, man. Some of y’all are not so quick on the uptake.


Okay. Christina doesn’t really like Amanda like that. That’s cool or it should be. Adam doesn’t really like Dez like that. It’s cool for most. Why is it that this woman is labelled a bitch? Have we forgotten that she really likes both Cody and Trevin? Why is that all of sudden not acknowledged? Oh, because people just want to hate her for something. I get it. Y’all real cute. 

Tbh, Amanda is wowing me either. Neither is Melanie (god, can she leave? She is really not good. I’m still bitter that she didn’t leave the first week.). Cassadee is given too much credit. I fux with Nicholas a lot. Trevin is everything. Love Terry. I like Cody, even though I don’t think he will or should win. He’s proven himself, though. Dez is okay. He won’t win either but he’s better than Melanie and if she makes it through, I’mma stop watching. I get it. She’s young and unique, but so was Michaela. (I’m bitter she went the first week, but her performance was weak, so yeah). 

But back to the point: Christina gives constructive criticism and if she isn’t feeling it, she doesn’t have to sugarcoat shit. She’s not here for your hurt feelings, bruh. She has a job to do and she does it. Adam is the same way (in delivery of criticism) and yet no one says shit. Yay sexism! That’s awesome. But, basically the  TL;DR version is stop your complaining and vote for who YOU like. It’s not that difficult. Please and thank you.

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I think every woman at one point in their lives or another has been called a bitch. And you know for a long time I had a problem with that word, I didn’t like it. You know, and I thought it was derogatory, but then I don’t know, I have gotten to a place now where I’ve made a lot of peace with it. It’s been so overused, and made to seem so derogatory towards women, that I’ve almost adapted it to an empowering feeling for myself. You know, if I’m a bitch, then I’m a bitch. If being a strong assertive woman with an opinion, which many people can’t handle, is to you. So I adapted it as sort of a badge of honor.

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And you know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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