I can’t stop watching Ringa Linga MV. So much life was given.

Every one was dancing their asses off, especially the back ground dancers.

But these damn braids Youngbae…………


Someone please tell me Taeyang did not just “nigga” in his new song “Ringa Linga”!!!

Like I will fly to S.Korea, find him, and slap his ass if he did.

+An Open Letter To Taeyang

Cynthia, the girl who wrote this, wrote a letter to Taeyang y’all. 

I have one thing to say about this letter……PREACH!!! 

I’ve basically said everything she said before. I like u Bae but come on now. Anyways click the link to read the letter. 



So Youngbae I know a lot of fans, including me, got tired of the mohawk and wanted you to change your hairstyle.

Yeah we lied. Please bring back the mohawk.

We really need to pray.

Black Jesus I come before you to ask that you please cast this ratchet demon inside his soul out. Amen.

Taeyang what in almighty fucks do u got on? It’s just as bad when he had that denim one piece on in the airport. And those braids…..Bruh this ain’t the 90’s!

And G-Dragon your outfit ain’t that bad, just that bandanna and earrings. I can actually tolerate your jacket.


Little do all V.I.P’s know, Taeyang is slowly transforming himself into the Korean version of 2Chainz, changing his name to 2Braidz, and his next solo album is going to the most hood music you’ve very heard in your lives. - Am i the only one looking forward to this ? 

2Braidz?! Death. lmao.

And yes this next album is gonna be ratchet as fuck.

It’s about time we form a prayer circle for Ji and Bae cuz them latest IG pics are str8 fuckery. They’ve been watching to many WSHH videos. Like @kenyaqueen (check out her tumblr) says they sold themselves to the ratchet devil. smh.

Don’t think I’m hatin cuz I’m not. I’m just saying this out of a place of love.